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Having always been a keen goal-setter, Maria’s Tupperware career began in 1983 as she set out to do door-to-door sales with true determination and a dream to succeed in mind. A few years later, in 1989, Maria alongside her husband Mohamed, opened their Tupperware franchise, that would be named "Les Diamants Inc.".

The success of Maria and Mohamed’s Tupperware organization has been remarkable. Les Diamants’ annual sales have grown from less than $1 million to over $50 million this year, with a team that was once made up of 9 Directors and 413 Managers and that today has over 90 directors and over 400 Managers.

Maria and Mohammed share their passion and faith everyday as they mentor the members of their team to each build their own legacy of success. For this ever-expanding family of Tupperware business achievers, the future shines bright.

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I realised at the age of 17, I needed money. My mother and father were already in the Tupperware business. It seemed to me to be a good option. I had no strong desire to pursue a formal education, so I chose Tupperware as my career. My parents taught me to dream and visualise my future. My belief in God and my faith to trust in Him allowed me to move forward in my life with absolute certainty that I would arrive at my destination - even though that destination would continually change. I knew at age 17 that I would be able to make a 6 digit income in my life and I began to set clear goals. I was willing to do more than was expected and in so doing, the rewards quickly followed.

Maria Meriano

Legacy Executive Director
I started Tupperware in February 2005 without having any experience in sale whatsoever. Actually, I was a salesperson in a store twice when I was a teenager and both time I was nicely asked to quit before they would fire me due to lack of talent for sales. When I decided to try Tupperware, I was working as a production coordinator for an entertainment news program on television. I had been working there for 10 years. At that time, I was paid by the week so it was impossible for me to work more hours to make extra money. Because I had some problems managing my money and because I love to travel, I ended up with a credit card debt of 5000$.

Annie Marchand

Elite 5 Star Director
I'm 31 years old and I've been married for 5 years. We have a 4 years old boy called Remi, which was born prematurely after only 29 weeks with a weight of 1 pound and a half. Almost 4 months after his birth, we could finally bring him home. However, we could not send him to daycare because he had many health problems. At that time, I was a store manager and my annual salary was about 40K. Since my husband is a computer analyst and had an annual salary of 70K, we decided that I would stay home. I was ok with that at first, but after 18 months almost living at the hospital, I was very depressed. My every day life turned around disease and bad news. My social life was very limited because we needed to protect our son from commonplace viruses like a simple cold.

Julie Chayer

Elite Star Director
My name is Karine Veilleux. I'm at Tupperware since 2 years and I'm a new Director since August 2010. I am 32 years old. I have a stable relationship with my husband for 12 years. I am a teacher. I have 3 lovely children : Noemie is 5 years old, Jacob 4 years old and my baby Nathan is 1 year old. Since my first baby girl was born I knew that I wouldn't go back to work before my kids would be at school. However, after my second child was born, I needed to be more than just a stay at home mom. I needed to accomplish myself without sending my kids to day care.

Karine Veilleux

2 Star Director
I joined Tupperware at the age of 17. I was already living in an apartment and 6 weeks later I was a Manager with a great Team and was given a car!!!. I married when I was 20 and had my daughter when I was 22. By 27 I was divorced. With my personal life in turmoil I left my position as Executive Manager and I went into the general workforce for 8 years. From Cashier to Waitress I had 2 or 3 jobs at the same time to make ends meet each month. After a « Burn-out » my sister reminded me that I had always been happy when I had been at Tupperware.

Nicole Vezina

Star Director
My name is Sylvain Lalonde, I am 36 years old, I have had a partner for 13 years and I teach children in Grade 1. In 2004, we bought a single family home in Lachine. Built in 1940, and in good condition, it still needed some care and attention; sanding the wood floors, replacing doors and windows, redoing the tiles in certain places, etc I remember that I had little room to manoeuvre in my budget and that made me very anxious at the end of every month. Equally it was impossible to put money aside for travelling since I had made the choice to own a property. However to travel was a gift I dreamed about.

Sylvain Lalonde

My journey starts on a day of March 2007 when I realized that I had no Tupperware in my cupboards! Right then was a show on TV and Annie Marchand was presenting her Tupperware products. Her phone number appeared and I jumped on the opportunity to organize my own Tupperware party. By that time she had opened the doors of a whole universe that no words could describe. I was on my second maternity leave for my son Simon and I was actively searching for something to fill these 9 great months in front of me.

Annie Champagne

3 Star Director
I was at a Tupperware Party of a friend and the Consultant, Karine Charbonneau, saw in me potential as a future Tupperware Director. With her perseverance she convinced me to attend an Information evening at the Tupperware office where I was greatly inspired by Annie Marchand and Maria Meriano. I therefore decided to start my Tupperware career with only one party because neither my family or that of my partner encouraged me in my venture. Four months later I was a Star Manager and 4 months after that a DIQ!!

Josée Gariepy

2 Star Director